Veterans Day speeches 2020

Patriotic Speeches For Veterans Day 2020

There are many writers who write on different occasions. Here we are sharing some poems, quotes and Patriotic Speeches For Veterans Day 2019. This is the day we celebrate for our veterans. We love our veterans more than anyone else. Our words are only for our veterans.

Patriotic Speeches For Veterans Day 2020

Few lines For Brave Veterans in 2019

You people are our proud,

You people are our love,

We found you there,

When your families,

Your loved ones were here.


You are the reason for our peace,

You are the guards when we fear,

Wherever we go,

You are with us like our shadow.


You sacrifice your life,

For the homeland, we live,

You forget your children,

For the children of the homeland.

In words, we can’t thank you but,

As a nation, we salute all our Veterans.

By Shami

Veterans of Peace (Patriotic Speeches For Veterans Day 2019)

Oh, you who work for the peace and prosperity of our country. Today we are feeling free just because of you. On your special Veterans day 2020, I salute you all who sacrifice their lives for the motherlands. You work hard day and night for the peace of your country.

Today what we are just because of you. Our nation has a great love for our veterans. Our kids love you and idealize you. You are worthy for us more than anything because you are raising our flag. Our flag is so high in the world just because of your struggles. You are working to keep it up and high and we are praying for your success. I personally salute you all today on Veterans Day. This speech is just for you. We are really thankful to you and we are proud of you. These Patriotic words are just for the honour to men and women who’ve served in the military. Without our veterans, we are nothing and we wouldn’t be where we are at present. Today we are powerful and peaceful because of our Patriotic Veterans.

These words are not only for you because Patriotic veteran speeches are provoking for coming generations as well. They are also prepared to be your arms and hands in this cause. Patriotism is a worthy idea that must be educated and demonstrated for our young age. So these patriotic speeches for veterans day 2020 also work for our coming generations.


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