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CNC Plasma Cutter

For producing repeatable cuts in metals CNC Plasma Cutter is the best product because it has fantastic bits of kits. It will help you and provide you with great flexibility to your business or a home workshop.

When we talk about the enhancement of productivity simply means increasing the money. Here we are sharing details of CNC Plasma Cutter. Have a look and learn about its functions.

CNC is basically representing (computer numeric control). When we talk about CNC Plasma cutting, it means a computer is also utilized with a plasma cutter for cutting the metals which are electrically conductive materials. CNC plasma cutting uses an accelerated jet of hot plasma which is directed through the computer system and which cut the metal as per direction.
A computer element controls the cutting system and plasma cutter is mounted to a gantry. You can cut different items such as steel, copper, aluminium, and brass as well as few other things. You can use it easily and it will be handy to use once you learnt the mechanism.
CNC Plasma cutters are the best choice if you are looking for a precise cut. You can make a better curve with CNC plasma than normal cutters. When we look at the setting of a normal plasma cutter and CNC plasma cutter, we see that normal plasma cutter can be installed easily.
CNC plasma cutter setting is a little bit difficult as compared to the normal cutters. You have to set the table first and then you need to learn about the operation of the software on the computer. After learning the software you can cut precisely. For those who are at the beginner level can face difficulty but if you have learnt the software well, you can get huge benefits from the system.

Which Plasma Cutter Is Best Suited For A CNC Plasma Table?

Most of the time CNC Plasma tables come with a plasma cutter inside the kit and perfect for work while using the table. But the case is different when we look at the tables of different companies. Some companies upgrade their tables for a better outcome. Kit plasma cutters do not give the expected results and due to struggling of cutter the outcome may disturb. So to fix the issues most of the companies upgrade their tables and use the best plasma cutter fit for their work.

When you are looking for better results and you are thinking to change plasma cutter to get the best outcome then you need to look at the plasma table first. CNC Plasma tables are available with different specification as made by different manufacturers. Now it is up to you to check the specifications of each table before purchasing. As you are aware of the needs of your work, so when you can the specification thoroughly, you will get the best outcome.


In some cases, people are not comfortable with the results so they prefer to purchase a plasma cutter for CNC Plasma table separately. You can be sure after analyzing these two things for better results:

1. Machine Torch

The first thing about the CNC table is that they use a machine torch. The vertical design of these torches are quite useful and you can easily attach them to the table.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Torch

2. CNC Interface

CNC interface is the second thing which makes it more useful. CNC enabled plasma cutters are best and due to CNC interface, you can control the operation of the torch.


Again the original question is that which plasma cutter is best for CNC applications. While looking at the specification you must have a clear mind about where you are going to use it, at home or for industrial purposes.



As requirement is for the industry means you need something special and our suggestion for you is a heavy-duty branded product like available from Hypertherm.


For home or business purpose more affordable Lotos range of plasma cutters is available here. For DIY jobs it is also a suitable option.

Why Would You Buy A CNC Plasma Cutter?

As we have discussed before that CNC Plasma Cutter is better than normal handheld plasma cutters. Most of the companies and home users prefer to buy CNC plasma cutter and the reason is more control over it. Most important thing is that you can control CNC plasma cutter via a computer.

  • For repetitive cuts, it is the best choice.
  • It is best because it reduces waste
  • Once the design is created it will take less time.
  • For more precise cutting it is the best choice.

Why Would You Buy A CNC Plasma Cutter

Sometimes we can expect errors in the work and the reason is that the operator is a human being. In programming, we can expect errors, because one can slip easily during work.


So during setup, you have to keep it in mind that the CNC plasma cutter designing is the most important step. If you are looking for the best result then this step must be taken carefully. If your programming is right then you will get the effective results and you will get the accurate and precise shapes. Now with the better setup, you can get an effective outcome which will enhance your business.

If you are giving more time for designing then it will be better because once the programming is fit according to your needs then the rest of the project will be easy. Most of the time people prefer to work more on designing because the better design will give a better outcome. So if you are thinking it is a wastage of time then you are wrong at this stage. CNC Plasma cutter will give you quick results as compared to the most handheld plasma cutters.

If the setup is most accurate and precise the result will be best, time-saving, and more money-making. So CNC plasma tables are the huge asset to any business or workshop.

What Are The Best Features To Look For In A CNC Plasma Cutter System?

If you are an expert and know very well how these machines work then you can check easily the features of CNC Plasma Cutter. In case you are a beginner and you are looking for a user-friendly machine then here are few you need to check before buying CNC Plasma Cutter:

  • Did you receive training?
  • The software must be User-friendly
  • Plasma table size has great importance
  • After-sales service
  • Templates of CNC Plasma cutter
  • and the plasma cutter itself

Training and Software

When you are a newbie and looking for a plasma cutter then the first question is how to use this product. Some CNC plasma table companies are offering training for operating the machine. When some people learn the machine they can share it to others and the operating the machine will be easier for the users. Some other companies are there who share how to use CNC software and this is perfect for the users.


If you are an expert and know well how to use such machines then these things are not for you. So it will be easy for you to choose the best CNC Plasma cutter for your business. If you really want to grow your business then check the specification in-depth about CNC plasma table. If you have a shop of metals then you need CNC plasma cutter for different cutting. So, keep it in mind that the growth of your business depends on your research.

Plasma Table Size

If you have a great workload and you are looking to purchase a Plasma cutter then check your need and size of the table. As you know that if your workload is heavy then the demand for table size will be more. A lot of projects start on the plasma table and you want to make some precise cutting of metals. If your machine is providing you with enough result then its ok but if you want to improve efficiency then you have to invest to upgrade your system. Enough size table and the plasma cutter suitable to carry the burden of your workload.


Another suggestion for you is that when you are ready to buy a machine just go around and find metal shops. As they are already working and working on tables and plasma cutters and the machines are fulfilling their needs. This will be the best way to learn about their workload and the need for a machine to carry such a burden. By doing so you can analyze which table size and plasma cutter will be enough for your work needs.


After Sales Support

The more important thing about CNC plasma cutters is the after-care service from the company. This is necessary because when you buy a new machine, it is the possibility that you may face some fault. To handle such issues it is important to contact the company for a better response. But it is important that your company is also offering you aftercare service. So our recommendation for you is that choose only those companies for CNC Plasma Cutter where you can get customer care service.

CNC Plasma Cutter Templates

It is good news for you that when you buy CNC Plasma Cutter you can get the number of templates available online. Many cool designs are available online which can attract more customers and you can grow your business. Many designs are available through which one can create a customized design.

CNC Plasma Cutter Templates

How Much Can They Cost?

If we look at the cost of a CNC Plasma Cutter then the cost is between $5,000 to $300,000. Though there are different types of cutter and you can buy according to your range.
There are cheaper imported CNC systems are available but you have to find which one is suitable for you. You can find easily over the internet.

Pros And Cons Of Using A CNC Plasma Cutter

Pros and Cons


  • Increases productivity
  • Saves time and material waste
  • Far fewer errors
  • Extremely versatile


  • Steep learning curve
  • High initial cost


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