Doss Speaker Bluetooth | DOSS Soundbox Touch | DOSS PowerBox

Doss Speaker Bluetooth | DOSS Soundbox Touch | DOSS PowerBox

Doss is well known for its best services. During the last 18 years, Doss Speaker Bluetooth is the best brand and choice of a lot of people. Due to best results, we are offering you a 100% guarantee on all of Doss Bluetooth speakers. We are confident about the quality and satisfactory results.

Doss Speaker Bluetooth | DOSS Soundbox Touch | DOSS PowerBox

Doss Bluetooth Speakers in the Audio Industry

In the audio industry, you can see a distinguished brand known as Doss. This is all possible because Doss worked hard during the last 18 years and now it is a well-known brand in the Bluetooth speakers industry.


When we talk about the designs of Doss products, then best designers from the United States, Canada and Germany are the members of the team and due to hard work of all the team now Doss is standing among the best Bluetooth Speaker provider.

If you are looking for Bluetooth speaker then the right choice for you is Doss speaker Bluetooth. Speakers are available in different designs and people can take any of their favourite speakers as per their demands. For example, if you are a traveller then you prefer to buy DOSS Traveler which is the perfect choice for. The design is just like a suitcase and you can lift it easily in your hands.

For different functions, people buy different Bluetooth speakers. With the passage of time, Bluetooth speakers are now in demand of every individual, institute and office etc. Due to the demand, Doss is now offering you slim, beautiful and amazing speakers. Now you can connect your devices easily via pairing.

Doss speaker having Bluetooth feature will connect to your device and now you can play your favourite music and songs etc.

Rechargeable Battery

Doss also work hard to ensure the best quality of batteries available in Doss Bluetooth speakers. There are some speakers which you use can up to 8 hours without charging once you charged your battery fully. Such strong batteries are also another reason people love to buy Doss audio speakers Bluetooth.

Durability, Elegant, Long-Lasting Music

Doss is one and only choice if you are fond of long-lasting music. Some time in parties and festivals etc people need Bluetooth speaker having long battery timing. Keeping in mind the needs of people Doss is now offering the best services and you can play your music up to 8 hrs without any break.

The quality of sound makes it more reliable and it is now the choice of a lot of people from different fields. Aux-in cable facility is also available in Doss speakers Bluetooth. If you are interested in connecting SD card then you can connect it easily. All these features are now part of Doss Speakers for the ease of customers.

DOSS Soundbox Touch

One of the popular product is known as DOSS Soundbox Touch. It is very easy to use with touch controls. If you are interested in small portable speakers then this is the best choice for you. You can pair it with any device having Bluetooth. The pairing will enable you to play music from your device to Doss Speaker.

At the top panel, there is a playback mode and call control. You can find a power switch and light indicator which illuminates a white colour and it shows that the speaker is on. If you want to set volume then you can do it via sliding the tip of your finger.

The sound quality is quite attractive and you can use it on tours and trips as well due to its effective results. Even at maximum volume due to its Bass, you can listen to clear music.

The most important thing about this product is its battery. You can play music up to 12 hrs without any break. Do you want Doss Soundbox Touch?

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DOSS PowerBox

This is also a well-known product of Doss. Bluetooth speakers are now in demand and every brand is trying to provide you with the best speakers. Doss speakers are now very popular in the industry.

One of the product is DOSS PowerBox. You can connect it with all Bluetooth devices. It is easy to play music from your mobile on Doss Speakers via Bluetooth. The battery timing is also interesting and you can use it for 8 hrs once it is fully charged.

A rechargeable Lithium battery is available inside and you can recharge the battery after use. Now you can enjoy your music via stereo sound. It is specifically designed for Amazon Echo Dot. It means it is the best choice for you. Are you ready to enjoy such an amazing product?

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Doss SoundBox Color | Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Doss SoundBox Color | Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Doss SoundBox Color is the portable Bluetooth wireless speaker 4.0. It has 4 simple buttons through which you can use it easily. This speaker designed sleekly.

Doss SoundBox Color Bluetooth Speaker Review

There are 2 methods to play music on this speaker. Either you can use a Bluetooth speaker by connecting your device with this speaker through an Aux-in cable or you can play music on this speaker by just connect the speaker with your device through Bluetooth.

Doss SoundBox Color | Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

In this speaker, 6W driver installed because of which it has an amazing quality of sound and performance. There is a built-in battery of 2200 mah that give you the time of 12 hours.

As compared to the previous product of Doss, it is the best speaker and you do not need to worry about the functionality of this speaker because there are advanced features added to this software. By having this you can enjoy your favourite music.

Due to the 6W driver and 2 subwoofer of this speaker, the quality of sound is crystal clear sound. Playback time of this speaker is 12 hours when you connect it with iPhone, iPad, Samsung and more to play music on speaker.

It is available in a different colour from which you can choose your best colour. It is made of acoustic skin durable material due to which it is best for all weather conditions. You can take it with you for different activities like climbing, hiking, outing etc.

From a distance of 33 feet, you can connect this speaker with all Bluetooth devices available in your home. It supports up to 32GB micro SD space. To connect Doss Speaker with any device you just need to turn on the Bluetooth of the device then you need to press ad hold the play button.

On the top of the speaker, the ring starts blinking. Then you can see the “Doss SoundBox” in the list of available Bluetooth connection on your device.

What is in the Box?

  • Doss Portable Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable.
  • 24H instantly Los Angeles local customer service
  • User manual
  • 1-year warranty card.

Doss SoundBox XL Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Doss SoundBox XL bluetooth speaker

Doss SoundBox XL is a wireless portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. You can easily use this speaker to play your favourite music through your devices. On the top of this speaker, there are 7 buttons.

Doss SoundBox XL Bluetooth Speaker Review

It has classic colour and a sleek design. By using 3 methods you can play music on this speaker. By connecting your device with this speaker through Aux-in cable, Through Bluetooth connection, or Put an SD card in the slot of the speaker you can play your favourite music on this product.

Doss SoundBox XL bluetooth speaker

There is a 20 W driver installed in this product and it has a 12W subwoofer also that enhance the sound of the quality and base. 2200mAH Li-ion battery of this product gives the playback time of 12 hr.

In the past, Doss Speakers have not good shapes and features as these have right now. Because in the past the outer shapes of the products of Doss were made of plastics. But now the material used in all the products of Doss or good due to which you can take it with you for different activities such as climbing, travelling, hiking and more.

It is perfect for all the weather conditions. The connectivity of this Doss product is awesome because you can connect your devices with it from a distance of 100 feet. It gives the playtime of 10 hr to its users and you can charge it complete within 2 or 3 hours.

The performance of the product of Doss, SoundBox XL is impressive. The audio quality f this product is extraordinary as compared to the other product of Doss. There are many speakers available in the market in the range 100$ among which SoundBox XL is the best. When you buy it you will realize it, the speaker you buy is better.

Alternative: Doss Soundbox Touch

Packaging And Scope of Delivery

After the shipping, you will get this product within 2 days. When you receive the box you will have Aux cable and an EU and UK power supply with a hollow plug. In the box, you will find the instruction manual in German and English language. Manual may adjust to the country from where you order it.

Doss SoundBox Touch: Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Doss SoundBox Touch bluetooth speaker

Doss SoundBox Touch is a portable wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker that is easy to use with touch control. You can connect it via Bluetooth, Aux-in, or TF card input. The sound quality of this product is superior because of the amazing driver 12W of this product. It has a 2200 mah battery that is rechargeable and your playtime will be 12 hr.

Doss SoundBox Touch Speaker Description

In the category of small portable Bluetooth speakers, Doss SoundBox Touch is the best Bluetooth speaker for you. This product is available in many colours so you can choose your favourite colour speaker. It is quite portable and has smooth edges. You can pack it in your bag and move anywhere with it. It supports 32 GB through an SD card. it is the most perfect Wireless Speaker for Phone, Tablet, TV.

Doss SoundBox Touch bluetooth speaker

One can easily connect, Doss Touch Speaker with many devices. When you play music on this product then you will be surprised because the quality of sound in this device is pretty solid and decent.

Users can control this device easily. On the top of the panel, users will find the mode and call control. Just by sliding the tip of your finger, you can adjust the volume of your music sound. Even at the maximum volume of sound, it has no noticeable distortion.

The battery of the Doss Touch Speaker is 2200 mah which give the playback time of 12 hr. It means that you can play music full day or full night at this speaker. When the charging of this product is drained then you can charge it through a Micro USB charger which fulls the battery in 4 hr.

Main Features of Doss Bluetooth Touch Speaker

  • At the Volume of 75%, the life of the battery of this product is 12 hr.
  • Micro USB charger used to charge this in 4 hr or less.
  • HD sound.
  • 12 W speaker.
  • For better bass performance, it has a unique bass setup.
  • This product is used to work as a speakerphone.
  • It has sleek and modern touch control functionality.
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0 that compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
  • It has a lightweight and portable product.
  • It comes with a charger.

Doss Soundbox Pro

Doss Soundbox Pro

Doss Soundbox Pro is the water prof wireless Bluetooth speaker which has a much louder sound than you expect. You can use it for indoor parties as well as for outdoor with thunderous bass. For your adventure, it is the ideal product launched by Doss.

Doss Soundbox Pro Description


Doss Soundbox Pro

After the invention of Bluetooth and Li-Ion battery, it became possible to design a wireless, rechargeable, and completely portable speaker. Because of the portable feature of this speaker you can carry this speaker with you in different activities like hiking, swimming, climbing and more. This product of doss is not cheap and plasticky. The rubberized texture used around the entire enclosure of this product because of which it feels very tough just like the name brand quality. It is water-resistant with an IPX5 rating. On the screen, everything is explained to users. You can pair your speaker with another Doss Soundbox Pro speaker for true stereo separation. Through this speaker, you can sync 1, 2, 3 or 4 speaker for good sound.
If you need a speaker for several hours or one day then the best choice for you is the Soundbox pro product of Doss that you can use with wires or wireless connection. In this product audio equipment available for users that is very powerful as compared to its price.
There is the 7 control button on the top of this speaker which is the power button, skip button, play button, pause button, volume button, and audio input mode button. When you connect this speaker with more than 1 device then you can toggle between different audio sources by just pressing the audio button that label with “M”.
Below the control button, there are small battery indicators composed of 4 dots. Through these 4 dots, you will be able to keep tabs on how much charging you have left in the battery. There is the TF card port at the back of the speaker which is a 12V or 12.5V power port and an Aux-in port. For every action, there is a specific button at the top of the speaker which is labelled specifically.
The weight of this speaker is roughly 1.39 pound, Due to the less weight of this speaker you can lift it from one place to other during uses. Due to the long and thin design of this speaker, you can easily find a place to set it up.

Audio Modes

To use this product you can use 3 independent modes from which Bluetooth most is the simplest model. It has 4.2 Bluetooth that compatible to connect any tablets and smartphone. Most of the connections of Bluetooth have a range of 33 feet but this speaker has a range of 66 feet for better connectivity.
If you have no interest to connect the speaker with the device through Bluetooth then you can connect it through an Aux-in cable. By using a wired connection you can connect an mp3 player or television with this speaker.
By playing music through a TF card is the third option for you. If you are not using the wireless connection or wired connection still you can enjoy playing music with high portability.