SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker device Review [2021]

SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

Many people love to use Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Pairing Loud SANAG Wireless Mini Speaker device. The best Bluetooth speaker devices with advance technology can make you feel better. As people use speakers for different purposes. We are bringing the best technology Sanag Bluetooth speaker which are usable for both indoor and outdoor functions. Here are the details about the Best Bluetooth speaker of Sanag.

SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker Review

Here is some most interesting feature we are sharing with you. If you are looking to purchase the best Bluetooth speaker then Sanag speakers are no doubt best among all.

Anti-damage characteristic

The very first priority of any user is about the structure, design and its strength. People love to buy those products which possess anti-damage characteristics. The size and shape of the speakers we are sharing with you are best and reliable. You don’t need to worry about the damage due to falling or some accident. They are strong enough to remain workable even after some sort of accidents. “Nylon wear-resistant fabric technology” & “silicone lanyard” are used to make it more convenient.

Sturdy & Sexy

When you look at the structure of these speakers you will find the slim, smart and beautiful according to its shape. You can find the speaker in different shapes and sizes. Every structure is designed well and you will find it most sturdy and sexy. This is the beauty of Sanag Bluetooth speakers. SANAG Bluetooth 5.0 is also an amazing speaker with the facility of Dual Pairing Loud Wireless Mini Speaker.

High-Quality Output

People expect high-quality output when they are ready to buy the speakers. SANAG Bluetooth speakers have the ability to provides the user best quality sound as per their needs. You can make your memories lovable and your parties brighter because these speakers have enriched bass. There is no voice breaking when you are using SANAG wireless speakers. So we recommend you such a wonderful device.

What users need to examine before purchasing?

  1. Very First thing is size and weight. You have to think about your needs. If you are using it for indoor or outdoor purpose then the size and weight must be according to you need. This speaker dimension is 3 x 3 x 3.5 inches, and weight is 9.8 ounces.
  2. The second and very important thing is battery timing. This speaker’s battery timing is 12 hours but it varies when you play speakers on different volumes. Check your requirements before purchasing the speakers.
  3. The third important thing is the sustainability of the speaker such as against water and dust especially. This speaker is wonderful for both perspective but if you are going for another option then consider these things before buying.
  4. Connectivity features are also very important such as wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. This speaker we are offering you has both the connectivity features with Bluetooth 5.0. So if you are going for another product, just check these things at first.

If you are satisfied with the product we are offering you right here then you can check ASIN Number- B07WNQXRYH, and the Item model number- SANAG-M7 for the satisfaction.

How can the user use SANAG Best Bluetooth Speaker device perfectly?

There are many events and purposes where Bluetooth speakers work efficiently. Due to increase in demand now, there are a lot of speakers available in the market. At present we are sharing SANAG Bluetooth speaker with you. This speaker is a wonderful speaker but here are some tips we are sharing with you to make it effective.

  1. When the speaker reached ar your address, first of all, open the box and check all the accessories available in it. You will see a charging cable and a user guide. The user guide will help you with all the functions of the Sanag speaker. LED light is also available which will inform you about the charging status. If you have opened the speaker then just charge it fully before use. It will extend the battery timing and offer you better results. It will take a few hours to charge the battery completely. After the green light appears, now you can use the speaker.
  2. When you are ready to use, you can see three buttons on the speaker. One button is specific for the power ON/OFF. When you press the button for a few seconds, you can hear a sound and light will turn on. Now your device is on. Through this button, you can change the mode such as radio, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Mic, Aux-in/Out etc. The other two buttons are available for the increasing and decreasing of the sound. When your device is on, just select the mode you want to use and enjoy the best sound results.
  3. If you want to play some songs, audios from your mobile, tablet or laptop via wireless connectivity then Bluetooth option in SANAG speakers is available for you. You just need to select the Bluetooth mode. After that switch on your device’s Bluetooth and search the speaker. Now you can connect your device to the speaker and play anything you want and make your sound louder.
  4. TWS Interconnection is also one of the best features of SANAG Bluetooth speakers. If you are interested in playing two speakers at a time for louder sound then TWS interconnection will help you in pairing both the speakers easily. For the connectivity of devices, you need to press the power button twice and set the position of the speakers properly so that you can connect them properly. When you pair the speakers, a sound will be there for you which is indicating that both the speakers are now connected to play music or song simultaneously.

SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speakers Pairing

Some Highlighted features of SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

Almost we have discussed in details about the different aspects of the Bluetooth Mini speaker. Now we are sharing some important features which are very important whenever someone is interested in purchasing any Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

  1. Wireless Connectivity/Bluetooth 5.0: A very important thing about the speakers is wireless connectivity. If you can connect your different devices to your speaker via Bluetooth then this speaker will be best for different needs. You can use such speakers at parties, functions, seminars and at other places. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest feature which is now available in Sanag speaker we are sharing with you. SO this will be a fantastic product for you.
  2. Battery: Battery is also a very important feature which every customer see at priority. If the battery result is not effective then the speaker is not so much useful. Sanag Bluetooth speaker has Lithium-ion 1800mAh rechargeable battery. This will extend the battery timing and give 12 hours of playback result if it is charged fully.
  3. IPX6 waterproof and sustainability: If we look at the reviews then the results regarding its sustainability are impressive. It can sustain in the rain and heavy sprays. It means you can use it even in a dusty area as well. The design of this speaker will protect it from rain and dust. So if you are arranging an outdoor part then this will be the best choice for you. This speaker has also Anti-damage features such as if the speaker falls from 1.5m high, it will not be damaged. You can clean it without any tension as it is perfect when it comes to water and dust.
  4. 360 HD Surround Sound: Some speakers are there in the market which is good looking but it comes to sound results they fail. But if you are using Sanag Bluetooth mini speaker then you can enjoy 360 HD Surround sound. This HD voice will make it helpful and enjoyable for you. Even if you are playing at full volume you will get HD sound results.

Pros and cons of SANAG Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker


  • The most advanced & super effective Bluetooth 5.0 technology has been used in this Speaker device. And that’s why the user will get a faster network connection.
  • This one is a washable Speaker device, and this character represents the effectiveness of this Speaker device against the rain or water. Even this Speaker device is a sustainable one against the dusty environment.
  • 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery has been used in this Speaker device that will provide user twelve hours of uninterrupted playtime after only several hours of charging.
  • “Nylon wear-resistant fabric technology” & “silicone lanyard” have been kept in this Speaker device for making the bearing procedure easy and convenient.


  • This one contains only 3 buttons for all the functions. Sometimes that may be confusing because users have to use all the functions by pressing only these three buttons.

Sanag M8 Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Outdoor Mini Speakers

Sanag M8 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Just like any best Bluetooth speaker, SANAG M8 Bluetooth speakers are best Outdoor Wireless speakers. Everyone goes for the best when it comes to choosing among different options. Here we are sharing details about one of the best Bluetooth speaker of SANAG which will be useful for you.

SANAG M8 Perfect Companion for Outdoor Activities

Going out and making fun is one of the favourite hobbies of many people. To make your moments wonderful SANAG Bluetooth speaker M8 design is enough. It is a waterproof and dustproof design, which means you can take it out easily. It doesn’t matter you are going in rain or some dusty area, you can enjoy HD sound results with SANAG Outdoor speaker.

Things included in Box

  • M8 portable speaker x 1
  • AUX line x 1
  • Micro cable x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • After-sales card x 1

Some Awesome Features of SANAG M8 Bluetooth Speaker

Sanag M8 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

Every product has some specific features which make it different from other products. SANAG speakers have their own specifications which make them the best speakers in the markets. Here are a few important things you have to check before buying any Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Battery: The battery is the first thing you have to check before buying any speaker. In SANAG Bluetooth speaker M8 2400mAh built-in battery is available which is something amazing. You can use up to 12 hours as per battery size.
  2. 360°HiFi Stereo Sound: The second and most important thing is sound quality. Sanag M8 has the ability to provide you with HD sound results. Even when you play audios at full volume will be in HD sound. So if the sound is HD then the product is quite useful for outdoor as well as indoor activities.
  3. Design: A very important factor is the design of the Bluetooth speaker you are going to purchase. In short, the design really matters and people purchase only those things which are good looking and the design is suitable according to the needs of the people. SANAG M8 devices are available in the best designs which you can choose easily. Size of these speakers are very small and you can take them with you easily in your hands. So keep them out for outdoor activities without any burden.
  4. Connectivity: Another important thing is the connectivity feature. You can connect your speaker to your mobile via Bluetooth and play your desire music list. If you are at some distance then you can use a USB or SD card for playing the music list. Furthermore, Aux cable connectivity option is also available in SANAG M8 speakers. So there will be no connectivity issue and you will enjoy the best Bluetooth speakers.
  5. Sustainability: SANAG mini speakers are the best speakers when it comes to outdoor activities. They are water repellent, which means you can wash them in water for a better look. The sustainability against the dust is also awesome which means there will be no worry about water and dust during outdoor functions.
  6. TWS Interconnection: This feature enhances the effectiveness of these Bluetooth speakers. If you are playing some music and you have two mini speakers and you want to pair them via Interconnectivity then SANAG will be the best choice for you. Now via TWS Interconnection feature, you can easily connect two speakers fr louder voice. Just keep your button on the mood change button. When you connect both speakers with each other you will hear a sound. After that, your speakers are now connected. Just play HD sound in a louder voice.
  7. 100% Satisfaction: Last and very important thing about the product is its satisfactory result. If you are facing some issue during use you can enjoy free exchange or repair within 12 months and our friendly customer service within 24 hours to make your purchase absolutely risk-free and 100% satisfaction.

Title HerePros and cons of SANAG M8 Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker


  • The most advanced & super effective Bluetooth 5.0 technology has been used in this Speaker device. And that’s why the user will get a faster network connection.
  • This one is a washable Speaker device, and this character represents the effectiveness of this Speaker device against the rain or water. Even this Speaker device is a sustainable one against the dusty environment.
  • 2400mAh rechargeable lithium battery has been used in this Speaker device that will provide users more than 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime after only several hours of charging.
  • “Nylon wear-resistant fabric technology” & “silicone lanyard” have been kept in this Speaker device for making the bearing procedure easy and convenient.


  • This one contains only 3 buttons for all the functions. Sometimes that may be confusing because users have to use all the functions by pressing only these three buttons.

The 10 Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers 2021

The 10 Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Here we discuss the top ten best Sony Speakers which have crystal clear sound with deep bass and high crisps. You have long hours of continuous playtime with these speakers. You have no distortion in these speakers and also these have loud volume output.

The 10 Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Ten best Sony Speakers are

#1 Sony srs-xb31 Bluetooth Speaker

It is the best sony wireless speaker that has nice music quality. It gives the 3-dimensional music atmosphere to its users. It has IP67design which is dustproof and waterproof which protects this product from damages. Through Bluetooth, you can play music on this speaker with your devices.

Sony srs-xb31 Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Quality And Design:

This product made of the material of the best quality. In order to fill the huge space, you can connect many speakers with this speaker using the wireless chain. It has a battery timing of 24 hours because of which it is suitable for average users. It has heavy sound bass.


  • The battery life of this product is ggod that can last for up to 24 h
  • It has lightweight


  • Unbalanced sound
  • It is not available in range of color

#2 Sony XB10 Speakers:

This is a wireless speaker also that has amazing sound quality and bass. You can connect this speaker with your phone, tablet, or any other device which has Bluetooth. You can boost the bass frequency unrespectable of the small size of this speaker. It has a 44.1 HZ frequency.

  • Compatibility:
  • It is compatible with A2DP, AVRCP, HSP profiles and also has the capability to deliver clear sound.
  • Design:

This speaker is made up of high quality and durable material. The color of this product is plain black and it has an awesome design. The battery life of this speaker is 16 hours approximately. You can use it on any occasion with premium quality sound.


  • The audio range of this speaker is from 20 to 20 kHz
  • THis product has less weight due to which it can be carried anywhere easily.


  • It has distortion on extra loud sounds

#3 Sony SRSXB30 Speakers:

The color of this speaker is plane blue and it has a water-resistant design so you can carry out this product with you. It is enhanced with LDAC which offers fantastic wireless listening. It has up to 24 hrs battery timing,

Sound Quality:

The quality of the sound of the Sony SRSXB30 is loud and clear and has good bass that adds lower frequency range response. through mobile device or tablet, It can be easily controlled by using the song pal app .


  • The quality of the sound of this product is loud and clear
  • Affordable price for average users.


  • Dirt magnet

#4 Sony XB20 Speakers:

It has NFC and great bluettoth connectivity for delivering the high audio quality. Stereo sound produce on this product with full range speaker help to increase the low and response. The color of this product is blue. You can connect this speaker with those devices which have NFC or Bluetooth pairing.

Sound Quality and Battery Timing:

It has excellent sound quality. Through the song pal app users can adjust the sound volume and the led light through the smartphone of the users. FOr extra sound you can added the extra speaker.


  • It has a spectacular sound output
  • The battery timing of this product is 12 hours


  • disturbance on tracks with the deep and loud bass on this product


#5 Sony XB01 Bluetooth Speakers:

It is a really small product and can fit in 1 hand. It is the best speaker of Sony that has a compact size and extra bass functions. The quality of the sound of this product is very clear and refined.

Compact Design:

The color of this product is light blue and has a matching strap also. There is a built-in microphone. You can control the music easily through the button on the speaker. The reference guide, warranty card, card, and USB cable are included in it.


  • It has a compact size
  • It has an extra bass function


  • Not accurate and powerful audio with very high sound

#6 SonyXB40 Bluetooth Speakers:

The Sony XB is a powerful speaker with LEDs. You can connect this product with all those devices which has NFC or Bluetooth. This product has an extra bass button through which users can clear and enhance the quality of sound. There are new features added to this product such as multicolor, speaker lights, and flashing strobe.


Sound performance:

This product XB40 has a clear and loud sound. It has enough volume and strong bass to fill up the large room. The battery life of this product is approximately 24 hours. It has a lot of features and qualities and also it is easy to use the speaker.


  • YOu can take it with you anywhere because of its design and size
  • Build body of this product is waterproof


    • Distortion on very high volume sound
    • It is expensive

#7 SonySRSZR7 Hi-resolution speakers:

It is the high resolution speaker. You can connect your device with this product via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Google Cast. It has high quality of sound due to the high resolution of this speaker. You can play 2 ZR7 speakers to a compatible sound bar then you can the movies, cartoons, and Tv shows sound.

Multi-room technology:

It has multiroom that allows the users to enjoy the music in home. If you have Song Pal app in your PC, server or online music service then you can find your favourite track easily.


  • This product has multi room technology
  • It has the streaming options via the song pal app


  • Not dirt proof

#8 SonySRSXB2 speakers:

This speaker has the plane light blue color and also it is the waterproof. If you trevell any where then you can carry out this speaker because it has small size and less weight. Sound quality of this speaker is best.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality of this speaker is best and also you have the option add extra speaker with it for stereo sound. If you have installed Song Pal app in your mobile phone then you can easily control the functions of this speaker through your mobile phone.


  • Quality of the sound  of Sony SRSXB30 is huge and clear with good bass.


  • It has lower frequency range response
  • This product has distortion on full volume

#9 Sony GTKXB7BC Home Speaker:

Sound quality of this speaker is incredible. It has deep base which miake music so enjoyable. The battery timinf of this product is very good and you can continuously play music on your speaker for 12 hours with single charge. Resolution of this speaker is very high.

Party Chain Technology:

This product has the party chain technology which used to connect the many stereos in 1 chain for producing high outout sound. You can also use this speaker with your TV, audio video devices for entertainment.


  • Battery timing is 12 hours on a single charge
  • It has high resolution


  • It is little bit expensive

#10Sony SRSHG1 Wireless speakers:

It is wireless speaker which you connect through bluetooth with your devices. Music quality of this speaker is amazing. It can easily connect with those device which has Bluetooth, NFC, and LDAC. It has clear plus technology and also you can add extra speaker with it for stereo sound.

Battery life and compatibility:

FOr controlling this speaker with our phone, we need to install Song Pal app in our mobile phone. You can use this speaker for out door activities. You can connect it with your device through NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Battery life is approximately 12 hours
  • It has super branded technology


    • Price of this speaker is a little high

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Device Black Reviews [2021]

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The most popular series is the JBL Flip series in the row of the Bluetooth speakers for some reasons.  All the speakers of the Flip serious could have less than $100. JBL Flip 4 is an old product but we can not say that it is an outdated product. So how this product holds up against the recent competition right now? In simple words: pretty damn well.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Editor’s note: This review of the product JBL Flip 4  updated on December 16, 2020, to update product availability information.

What is inside the box?

Users will get the speaker, charging cable, instruction, and warranty information. The price of this product is affordable and you can not find such kind of speaker as it has.

How’s the build and design of the JBL Flip 4?

The design of the JBL Flip 4 has minor differences from the previous Flip 3 like the phone button has a more fitting triangle for pause and play in Play 4. The shape of the Flip4 is the iconic cylindrical shape. It has exposed passive bass radiators on either end to match the rest JBL line-up. There is 1 key difference due to which it is worthy to upgrade to the previous model that is waterproofing.

The fabric around the speaker is similar to the previous product of JBL, but now it is completely waterproof. It is sealed due to which dust, dirt, and sand can not damage this speaker also. You can take this with you to the beach because it is resistant to the water.

If Flip 4 accidentally drops in the pool or river it will not damage. But besides that rest of the speakers damage badly and you can not play music on other speakers. This speaker has 5 indicators of light which shows the battery life. It has a small flap that prevents the water to enter the water in the micro USB charging input and has a 3.5mm input hidden underneath. It has the string with the help of which you can hang this speaker from a hook.

What about the connection strength?

Let’s circle back to that JBL Connect+ button for a second because this is my complaint with this product. The Flip 3 also had a JBL Connect button, but it has Connect+ and that extra + sign makes a big difference.  Previous speakers only connect 2 JBL speakers together, Connect+ button in this product can connect up to 100 JBL speakers.  Users can not connect to any previous speaker that has not Connect+. If you have another speaker and want to connect with Flip 4 you will be failed to connect.

There is no issue with the connection aspect of this speaker. signal stayed strong at 50 feet distance in the home. When you take this product with you outdoor just like the beach then the signal strength increase and you can connect it with a greater distance the 50 feet.  Also the playback controls of this speaker work well. The buttons of this product are clicky and nice.

By the plus and minus buttons, users can control the volume. With the play button, you can pause/play music. By double click the triangular play button, users can skip to the next song. All the functions of this product work well and have no complaints.

How’s the battery life of the JBL Flip 4?

The battery timing of this product is 12 hrs according to the claim of JBL but according to our initial testing, it has 4 hrs exactly battery life on full volume. Mostly, people use it for travelling and play with maximum volume that’s why we check it on maximum volume.

If we decrease the volume between 50 to 75% then battery life is 12 hrs easily. Keep in mind, if you are going for a 1-day trip then play it on low volume.  You have no problem playing it on high volume for a few hours.

If you want a huge improvement in sound quality in flip 4 as compare to others then I m sorry to disappoint. Because the sound quality of the Flip 4 is similar to the previous model. There is a minor difference between Flip 3 and 4 just like height. At the time, when the speaker was maxed out, it has distortion in the Flip 3 but in Flip 4, you will not have such type of distortion.

One more minor change is in the low end, with a slightly beefier bass when we compare this product to the previous model. Still, it is not going to replicate the “sub-bass” of the favourite songs of the users but it does a good job at replicating it at a slightly higher frequency.

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 2021

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO2 is a small speaker and has a decent sound for its tiny size. It has small size and even you can fit this speaker in your pocket. The design and sound of this product are improved by JBL and now it is fully waterproof. Also, this speaker has speakerphone capabilities.

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO 2 Review

The battery timing of this speaker is up to 5 hrs maximum and it does not have much bass. This product is an appealing little Bluetooth speaker.

Many wireless Bluetooth speakers sell by the JBL in the previous years and now GO2 speakers are the second generation which is the smallest and least expensive speakers offer by the JBL.

Original JBL Go speakers look like the toy speaker and have wight 130 grams approximately. The new version comes in many colours which have 184 grams of weight and cost $40. It is a fully waterproof product, with a rating IPX7. This product can be submerged in the depth of water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

It is the little havier speaker. The size of this product is very similar to the original and also it is designed for max portability. You can put this product in your laptop bag, purse, and even fit in a lot of pockets.

The battery timing of this product is 5 hours at a moderate volume level. As a speakerphone, it has good performance also. There is a built-in microphone in this speaker.


There is the Volume control button, pause/play button, and dedicated Bluetooth button on the top of this speaker. Dedicated Bluetooth button used for pairing this speaker with phone or other devices that have BlueTooth. 3.5 mm audio input and micro USB charging port are underneath the basket at the right side of the speaker.

The sound quality of the tiny speaker go is relatively good. As compare to the original go and Go 2, the sound quality of this one is good and has little loudness with more bass. Even so, as users expect, overall it is short on bass and would not rock the room, even the small one. if you want to play bigger and sound quality then you can buy other speakers like SoundLink Micro but it cost 2.5 times greater.

For listening to music, it is not considered as a big speaker. It is good as a companion speaker for watching movies and streaming other videos.